Creativity and Gods timing – The ground is fertile for your seed!

I am personally bursting with creativity at the moment.

Its as if God has “turned on” a creative switch and now its my responsibility to “let it flow” and release the creative seeds inside me.

And its not just me – I’m witnessing an explosion all around me of people releasing creative ideas, ministries, business ideas and talents.

Through one of these connections, God spoke to me about this season we are in and how to get the most from it.

Its like God is rebirthing visions that were birthed about 2 years ago but the timing was not right then and they died.

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Be an Encourager

I’ve been feeling a prompting to encourage you to be encourager.

Someone sent me a personal encouragement today – “Praise God for warriors like you who step out and pioneer the things that are so close to His heart  Thank you for blessing us all with your ministry – it matters much”

Too often we can take others for granted, especially those who do not have visible, out the front ministries. God Kingdom is so much about “all” His people and not just the public profiles. So we need to encourage “all” the people, all the time.

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2013 What it holds for YOU

In our last Dreaming with Purpose prayer meeting in December a flow of prophetic was released that was very encouraging and empowering for people in Marketplace ministry.

Whatever involvement you have, from business person to cleaner to ministry, 2013 holds great potential for those who will step out and follow their dreams and callings.

Rom8:19 says “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

Creation, the world, your workplace, the lost are waiting in “eager anticipation” for YOU to rise up and reveal the Kingdom of Heaven through you.

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