Creativity and Gods timing – The ground is fertile for your seed!

I am personally bursting with creativity at the moment.

Its as if God has “turned on” a creative switch and now its my responsibility to “let it flow” and release the creative seeds inside me.

And its not just me – I’m witnessing an explosion all around me of people releasing creative ideas, ministries, business ideas and talents.

Through one of these connections, God spoke to me about this season we are in and how to get the most from it.

Its like God is rebirthing visions that were birthed about 2 years ago but the timing was not right then and they died.

Two years ago two of my connections had great visions for releasing Gods kingdom through the media but when they shared them the seeds were stollen by “the difficulties of this wold.”  Neither dream got off the ground and to some degree disillusionment set in.

Just last week I spent some time with both these people, hearing their dreams again.  This time, however, the dreams are much bigger than two years ago AND they are accompanied by a new level of faith and commitment to the dream.

Right now, there is a new grace for co-labouring with God on your ideas. 

There is a “partnering” with heaven to see “His kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven” like no other time!

When we add “our faith in Him” and our efforts to His capabilities and heavens resources then our ideas will come to life.

This is a not a “works” mentality, far from it.

It is a time to “resow” your dreams.

It is a time to “add” your skills and efforts to the vision – this may include finances as well as your time.

And it is a time to add your faith to the vision.

God will not do it for you, but He will do it with you as he wants His glory shown through His sons and daughters.

In the story about about my two connections, there is an interesting prophetic picture from a recent action that is also speaking to me loudly.

Just a few weeks ago, one of the two people involved from this meeting found the business card from the other that was given in the meeting two years earlier.  Recognising that the meeting had not achieved anything at the time, the person tore up the business card.

Just two weeks later God has rebirthed their dreams, at a higher level, in a way that I can certainly see them both working together in the near future.

Some of you may interpret this as breaking off old words of doubt or negativity over your dreams and this may be appropriate for some of you.

But I felt God say strongly that what did not work in the past was due to Gods timing, not because of the people involved.

That the tearing of the business card represented an acknowledgement that the old was gone but now was a new season and we needed to be open to the same people, the same partnerships, the same dreams coming together in a new way.

For now God has added His capabilities and resources to your dreams and efforts and we are entering a true heaven and earth co-labouring season where were will see much fruit!

Be encouraged!

Creativity is bubbling up like champagne.

Release what you are being given to release.

Partner with Gods people in new ventures.

And add your faith and efforts and resources to Gods and SEE what will be achieved.

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