Dreaming with Purpose Community Trust

DWP Community Trust

One of the passions within our team is to take our expertise and passion and share it with our community.

For this reason we are in the process of registering the DWP Community Trust was to better enable us to sow into our community, schools, youth organisations and churches with our message of hope, personal value, potential, honour and teamwork.

We have gathered a team of inspirational speakers and trainers that can provide workshops, seminars and public speaking on topics including, but not restricted to, honour, integrity, knowing your personal value, recognising your potential, growing beyond bullying, teamwork, conflict resolution and communication.

We also offer our leadership and team development expertise to teach people how to work together, respect and honour others and overcome conflict.

If you would like to donate to this work or to use us for your community group or school please contact us

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The purpose of the Trust will be

— To provide educational support to develop the well-being, self esteem and confidence of people to live their full potential.

— To restore people’s honour through identifying and addressing historical issues that have reduced their belief in themselves, their potential and their value

— To educate and equip people how to best present themselves for employment or re-employment opportunities, start new businesses and/or community works that reflect their new found self belief.

— This will be achieved through offering seminars, one-on-one life coaching, motivational and counselling activities.

— Coaching and counselling youth in their inherent value and addressing such issues as good communication, respecting others, bullying and team work.

— Working with teachers and parents to identify low self-esteem teenagers and help develop strategies to address this in the classroom and home environment.

— To further the education of those involved in providing counselling or training to low self-esteem adults and teenagers.

— To arrange fundraising events to support community initiatives and other charities.
— To seek and accept gifts, subsidies, grants, endowments, bequests and loans whether in money or in kind by means of which the cost of services provided by the Trust Board in any particular case may be met or subsidised and for the purposes and objectives of the Board generally; and

— To undertake, promote, support and encourage such other charitable works within New Zealand as the Trustees shall from time to time approve.

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