Interesting. Last week of my holidays and I’ve started catching up with a few friends and sharing vision for the coming year.

At the same time several complete strangers have connected with me and want to be involved in or receive support from my Marketplace ministries.

It is going to be a busy year with several marketplace initiatives expanding this year – both in Auckland and into other cities in New Zealand.

Normally when I’m busy with kingdom stuff I listen to “action” worship – Jake Hamilton (I’m a bit of a rocker)  and warfare through Jonathan David-Helser.

But I just cannot get into it this year. Instead I’m finding myself drawn to more intimate worship, often very God focused and extolling the virtues and character of God.

Old Chris Tomlin and early Jesus Culture – intimacy, celebrating the character of God.

Not sure this is a permanent trend as God knows I like rocking!

But just saw the interesting change in the way Daddy is relating with me this year.

The bigger the plans the closer God seems to be drawing me to Him.

The more skills and vision I’m using the more of Gods character I’m seeing as well.

I’m glad God is starting this year this way because with all the opportunities for growth this year I’m not sure I would have done the right thing and drawn closer to God – but He knew that anyway!

Sending intimacy with the Father to you all……


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