Living life to the max!

Too often I meet with people whom are stuck in the trap of living a mundane life – often based on their jobs and pressures of work.

Since when did your job determine your happiness or fulfilment in life?

One of the simplest tools in a business/life coaches armoury is to help people see their “entire” life and recognise the possibilities in each segment.

Our life is not just our work or our marriage or our children or our study – it is all of these and more.

So we need to recognise the different components that make up our lives and live each one in a way that brings satisfaction. And if one component overwhelms all the rest them maybe that is an sign of an unbalanced life and its time for significant intervention!

Recently I meet for a coaching session with someone who was frustrated by their job and the new requirements put on her.  She had been successful in doing what she had been doing but, like many mistakes business make, she was now being asked to do something that was different to what she was good at.

She had other skills she wanted to use that excited her, brought her alive, but could not see how they could be used in her work.

After some discussion we identified that her job was not the only place she could use her skills.  Sounds silly but often we get so consumed with the battle of our job that we don”t look at the other components of our lives and see the possibility of achieving fulfilment and expression there.

In this case it was writing.

I cannot write in my job but it is my passion!

So why not start a blog and write there for the world to see?

Why not write your book and self publish?

There is nothing stopping us living our dreams and stepping out in the things that excite us.

And interestingly, as we discussed how she could step out in her passions outside work, ideas started to flow on how she could use her writing skills to improve her work situation as well.

We we start to step into our passions, our sweet spot, creativity and imagination are released and ideas will flow into all aspects of our lives.

And the very simple act of stepping out into her passions in other areas of her life also released a new grace to push on with her job with an improved attitude.

I’m not sure any person ever lives every aspect of their life to the max – it would be very tiring indeed to be full on every moment of every day.

But we must be living some aspects of our life with passion and energy and excitement.

So look at your family, look at your hobbies, your sports, your friendships and job.

Where can you step out and start releasing yourself – becoming the person God made you to be.

When you make one change and start living one aspect of your life to the max you will see an immediate change in your energy and enthusiasm for your whole life.

So what will it be for you?

You don”t have to change jobs every time you feel unfulfilled.

Perhaps its a blog, a book, getting fit, date nights, coaching your daughters soccer or fishing.

Step out into something that excites you.

And see your whole life start moving up a level.





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