Marketing – attracting the right DNA!

(Extract from an article written for a Christian business magazine)

Who do you want to attract!

I know the other writers will provide excellent business advice on target marketing and building your client bases.

When I thought about this question I felt to comment on a “similar” issue but from a different perspective. I want to address two issues – targeting your church activities and targeting your potential leaders. Then we can look at how this might apply to us targeting staff and potential customers.

We had the privilege to spend some time with Danny Silk (Bethel Church, Reading) a few weeks ago and discuss amongst other things the process of bringing leaders onto our teams. He had been talking about the five-fold ministries and how their input is needed in all churches and how this can effect who we bring on to leadership teams. One person asked if Bethel ever looked at the “gift/ministry” they were lacking and then brought someone on team with that gift.

Danny had an interesting response that opened up a whole new perspective on leadership and even management within a business context.

He said we don’t specifically look for the gift. Instead we look for the person who can fit into our “family” leadership team. Effectively someone with the same DNA. He would later make the comment that in leadership, the focus on honour that underpins their team means that the relationship between people is more important than being right. That Honour is where the relationship of love between people survives the differences of view.

So when asking “who do I want to target for my leadership/management team” perhaps part of the answer is “who has my DNA” and “who can I see fitting into the family of my team.”

On a similar note, but even more of a curveball for many will be the question church leaders must ask themselves, “Who am I targeting with my church?”

Now this will come as a surprise for many people but my answer to this must always be God!

Mt6:33 says seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness and …….

Ps127:1 says that unless God builds the house, we labour in vain……

About two years ago our church was doing well and looked like a successful church in all the traditional measures i.e. how big is your church!

Then during a time with God He spoke to our lead pastor and said “Do you mind if I build my church!” Now when God steps in and speaks like that you know that we are missing something important. We were building our church but not building His Church!

What I’m about to say now will offend many but hey, I’m thousands of km’s away from most of you so here goes:

We are meant to be building our churches for God, not for the people!

So when answering the question about knowing your target market, for church leadership it is very simple and VERY SCARY! Our target must be “meeting God and building His way.”

Of course we all say – that’s my church. Sorry but we had a great church and we missed it. We can have large churches, great home cell programs but if we never encounter God then what have we really built. So as you target your church activities at “meeting the peoples needs” or “meeting the churches needs” take a moment to ask the question:

Who do you want to attract to the church more? People or God? And depending on your answer you may find some changes necessary.

So can we apply this to our businesses? I’m glad you asked this because I believe it is very appropriate!

So when we look at customers and target markets can we ask “Who does God want me to work with?” and “Who will be long term quality clients (partners) who will bless my business and be blessed by me?”

And for staff or business partners the same can be said. Do we just target those who can benefit our business OR do we look deeper into Gods plans and ask “Who will become my partner or family in the business and who will I be able to trust with this important piece of Gods strategy for His kingdom?”

The questions are different from just profit and sales numbers when we take into account that our jobs and our businesses are for Gods purposes, not our own!

Finally, this question is even appropriate for our personal walks with God. In what you do, what you focus on every day – are you targeting “working” for God or “meeting” with Him? Jesus came to restore what was lost at the Fall – very simplified that is our dominion over the earth, our position as sons in Gods family and intimacy with God.

So as you read all these exciting and God inspired contributions from these amazing Godly people will your next step be to “target your actions” or to “target your heart” at God and spend some time with Him.

If we get what we focus on then why not focus on God and then, according to His promises, everything else will be taken care of.

Blessings and favour to you all.

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