Living life to the max!

Too often I meet with people whom are stuck in the trap of living a mundane life – often based on their jobs and pressures of work.

Since when did your job determine your happiness or fulfilment in life?

One of the simplest tools in a business/life coaches armoury is to help people see their “entire” life and recognise the possibilities in each segment.

Our life is not just our work or our marriage or our children or our study – it is all of these and more.

So we need to recognise the different components that make up our lives and live each one in a way that brings satisfaction. And if one component overwhelms all the rest them maybe that is an sign of an unbalanced life and its time for significant intervention! Read more

Inspirational Quote July 2014


Be an Encourager

I’ve been feeling a prompting to encourage you to be encourager.

Someone sent me a personal encouragement today – “Praise God for warriors like you who step out and pioneer the things that are so close to His heart  Thank you for blessing us all with your ministry – it matters much”

Too often we can take others for granted, especially those who do not have visible, out the front ministries. God Kingdom is so much about “all” His people and not just the public profiles. So we need to encourage “all” the people, all the time.

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Strategic Planning with God

When I last wrote we were about to undertake a strategic planning meeting for the movie project a business connection of mine is involved in. They want to make a feature film revealing the “Fathers heart” but for the secular market. This project has been on their hearts for several years but God has been stirring them recently to start working on it. So I became involved about six months ago. (

Now this could have been a can of tuna or a new ice cream flavour, the planning process is similar so hopefully you will all get something from it. As you read our journey you may be stirred to ask questions or provide feedback on similar experiences you have had that you want to share. Please send me an email with your comments and where appropriate we will include them in future articles and to generate further discussion.

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Biblical Business Ethics – Is it possible?

Being ethical in business, is it really possible!

Many people would take a list of good values and make them their guiding principles. And for years this may work until a real issue comes to light. Then, like the law, our ability to hold our standards will be tested and sadly often our ability to maintain our integrity is compromised.  It is the way of rules, it is the way of law.

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Marketing – attracting the right DNA!

(Extract from an article written for a Christian business magazine)

Who do you want to attract!

I know the other writers will provide excellent business advice on target marketing and building your client bases.

When I thought about this question I felt to comment on a “similar” issue but from a different perspective. I want to address two issues – targeting your church activities and targeting your potential leaders. Then we can look at how this might apply to us targeting staff and potential customers.

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Interesting. Last week of my holidays and I’ve started catching up with a few friends and sharing vision for the coming year.

At the same time several complete strangers have connected with me and want to be involved in or receive support from my Marketplace ministries.

It is going to be a busy year with several marketplace initiatives expanding this year – both in Auckland and into other cities in New Zealand.

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2013 What it holds for YOU

In our last Dreaming with Purpose prayer meeting in December a flow of prophetic was released that was very encouraging and empowering for people in Marketplace ministry.

Whatever involvement you have, from business person to cleaner to ministry, 2013 holds great potential for those who will step out and follow their dreams and callings.

Rom8:19 says “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

Creation, the world, your workplace, the lost are waiting in “eager anticipation” for YOU to rise up and reveal the Kingdom of Heaven through you.

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