Be an Encourager

I’ve been feeling a prompting to encourage you to be encourager.

Someone sent me a personal encouragement today – “Praise God for warriors like you who step out and pioneer the things that are so close to His heart  Thank you for blessing us all with your ministry – it matters much”

Too often we can take others for granted, especially those who do not have visible, out the front ministries. God Kingdom is so much about “all” His people and not just the public profiles. So we need to encourage “all” the people, all the time.

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Interesting. Last week of my holidays and I’ve started catching up with a few friends and sharing vision for the coming year.

At the same time several complete strangers have connected with me and want to be involved in or receive support from my Marketplace ministries.

It is going to be a busy year with several marketplace initiatives expanding this year – both in Auckland and into other cities in New Zealand.

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