2013 What it holds for YOU

In our last Dreaming with Purpose prayer meeting in December a flow of prophetic was released that was very encouraging and empowering for people in Marketplace ministry.

Whatever involvement you have, from business person to cleaner to ministry, 2013 holds great potential for those who will step out and follow their dreams and callings.

Rom8:19 says “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

Creation, the world, your workplace, the lost are waiting in “eager anticipation” for YOU to rise up and reveal the Kingdom of Heaven through you.

There was a strong message of New Babies birthed in 2013, spiritual babies that have been on the hearts of men and women but now is the time of birth. 2013 is for the risk takers, those that would step out in faith – ignoring the opinions of man – and following the promptings of God to advance His kingdom.

Matthew 6:33 urges us to “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

When we are focused on building Gods kingdom, God builds with us and with our God Nothing is impossible! 

2013 is a time where atmospheres will start to be transformed around us. Not just personal spheres but governmental spheres (7 Mountains) of influence in society will be transformed by kingdom initiatives of Gods people.

For many this will be a time to plant a stake in ground for their faith.  No longer hidden, Christian men and women will rise up in the Marketplace and BE Gods Word in their place of work. Not weird, but releasing heavenly power and influence and love, transforming others as they go.

God will give new people a Voice this year to sound the call, to speak into situations, declaring Gods plans and purposes into situations.  God is sounding His trumpet, His voice through the voice of His people. Speak up says the Lord, speak truth, speak healing, speak wisdom and encouragement. Be the voice of reason and hope in your spheres of influence.

Everything we do must be to build Gods kingdom, not our own. “Freely we have received, freely give.” (NIV Matt10:8)


I see a picture of seeds being sown, and those seeds exploding and releasing other seeds, and those in turn explode and release others.  We cannot hold on to, we cannot control what God will release through us. Whilst we may benefit from it the primary purpose of our callings, our gifts is for the release of others. Gods kingdom is an outward explosion of power and love – be careful not to try holding on to what God is doing through you this year.  What we hold on to for our own purposes will die in our hands.

We are the seeds, God is exploding many outwards, to releasing others – raising up an army of Marketplace warriors – each empowered and released to carry the battle in their own areas. Its not the time to call in the generals (recognised ministries) to fight the battle in our spheres.  It is the time for you to BECOME the General in your sphere of influence.

As God is releasing people into callings He is also drawing His people into partnerships. Strategic partners, encouraging partners, financing partners, fun partners! Partners who will co-labour with us, multiplying our effectiveness.  Our ministries must be multiplying others rather than ourselves. We need to invest ourselves in each other and God will multiply the results. 

Finally we each need to HEAR God for our seeds and their timing for birth. There will be a “corporate” release across the body as well as a “personal” one. Take time to hear for yourself personally this year – momentum is started in the “corporate” move of God but PROGRESS is made through the release of individuals – rising up in callings, doing things Gods way and standing on Gods word and ways in their lives.

Be blessed this year. Im releasing favour and blessing and courage to you all as God overflows into the marketplace through you in 2013.


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