What people who have worked with us have to say

I feel so blessed having Kim as a business mentor as I begin to embark on an amazing business opportunity God has shown me. The enormity of this vision is lightened by Kim’s confident knowledge, skills, direction, vision and encouragement as I take baby steps to tackle the business world. Kim is focused and works at your pace and while always maintaining Gods honour he continuall ignites the dream! Thank you for your wisdom and the time you create to help me and others to stretch ourselves and be a blessing to others.

When I met with Kim I came to him with some ideas for a business that I was about to dive into. He asked me some specific questions and gave me some good, directional advice. Little does he know saved me from doing some thing that would’ve caused me a lot of stress and If I had hindsight I would’ve seen that it wouldn’t have worked out. He helped me see the bigger picture. I’m now in the process of starting something that I love, a business that actually releases me and gives me time to do the things that I know I’m called to do. It’s early stages, but I’m already seeing fruit.

I attended a Dreaming with Purpose workshop very shortly after starting my own photography business. Each speaker brought something which both grabbed my attention and motivated me to venture forward into something new and exciting, but with a new-found confidence. I highly recommend Dreaming with Purpose to anyone who is starting, or who has their own business (or dreams of doing so one day). One of the defining moments for me was being reminded that I need to run my business with God’s integrity, not man’s integrity (Speaker – Keith Nicholson). Good stuff! Kim, you’re a legend for seeing people’s value and talents and funnelling them right into the areas they’re needed. Legend.

Kim has worked with us over the past three years, mentoring primarily myself, providing incredibly valuable input into our business and project development and even travelled internationally with me for a set of meetings. His wisdom, insight into business, as well as the Kingdom of God had been incredibly encouraging and helped us through many crucial decisions. I would highly recommend working with Kim.